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The Next Big Thing

November 15, 2006

I really love this country. Our politicians insult our intelligence so much to the point that it is not only forgivable, it’s laughable. Anyway, I finally heard the news that Madame Imelda is no longer interested in politics. But no, that doesn’t mean the Marcos regime is finally over (you wish) because grandson Borgy is well under way in his stint to become – WTF – the next mayor of the beloved city of Manila (Oh, where to highlight for a verifiable link, o heck, click here!)

Now, what can I say? Surely, Borgy is intelligent. He’s education after all is stateside, right? Not even good ol’ Ateneo or La Salle (do I hear Benilde?) is good enough for the next big thing. So is intelligence a question, I say no comment. But I wouldn’t say he’s absolutely dumb. Running for mayor isn’t a stupid thing to do. This may prove that Borgy really does use his brain; after all, a career in modeling (or acting, perhaps) is merely temporary. Replacing Mr. Lito Atienza would place his name in our history books along the famous dictator himself where IT rightfully belongs. Just imagine those abs besides a banner bearing the infamous another priority project of the hottest mayor in the whole wide world! Even Saddam or Hitler or Lenin or whoever would be greatly humbled!

At any rate, whether Borgy wins or not is a testament of whether we deserve to have another Marcos running our capital. I just wish though that Borgy decided to run when he already has gray hair at his temples. But who am I to decide, I bet Herbert first ran when he was Borgy’s age and I think he did good. Well, if I were a registered voted for Manila (I vote at Quezon City), I’d still go for my main man, Ping Lacson. I’m just sad that he gave up the Presidential seat for this lower, but still honorable and highly-coveted, post. Well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen. If you think Lito Atienza did one hell of a job beautifying Manila, wait ‘til Borgy gets hold of power. Do I hear party? Yeah!

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