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Remember my Name?

November 15, 2006

The thing about James Bond is that it’s an age-old tired movie franchise. It’s a good thing that they reinvented the whole suave image thing and for the first time we are now able to see James Bond actually bleed, sweat, and have a bad hair day. Anyway, the movie, Casino Royale (Greenbelt 1, 10:30 PM) is great. It delivered raw, gripping action sequences packaged to thrill the post-Kill Bill movie-going world.

The only bad thing about the movie is the love story. Eva Green is ravishing and I’d marry a younger version of her anytime of the day. But the thing is, Daniel Craig can’t act a hell bit when it comes to love stories. That thing at the beach? Jeez, it reminded me of a boring Sunday mass.

The plot was great and it did justice to the original version of Casino Royale (yes, I have that book which is still safely tucked away in my room at my hometown). I would like to commend though Sebastien Foucan for providing one of the best chase sequences ever filmed. Damn, if Spiderman is black this guy would have been perfect for the role. Well, this guy could be the real Spidey.

I’m just not too fond though of the way they made use of time. Yes, I admit that technology at the consumer-level is way delayed compared to whatever is already in store in some deep dark scientific lair out there. But come on, Casino Royale is supposed to be a prequel. But why does 9/11 come into the picture? and isn’t the female M a replacement of the former male Ms as mentioned in Goldeneye? Am I right or I just didn’t get it? Anyway, I’d appreciate a li’l bit of explanation here, because if I really did hear it right that Casino Royale is set after 9/11 and yet it is still a prequel, so I guess Sean Connery and Roger Moore (and those outlandish outrageous hairdo and tan) is the in thing by 2010? Bloody hell!

Anyway, remember the name, Bond. James Bond. This is because I don’t think 007 is gonna say goodbye anytime soon even after all the criticisms.


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