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It’s Still Monday

November 13, 2006

Yes, it’s still Monday, but I’ve watched tons of Hollywood as of press time.

The Covenant. Glorietta 4, November 10, 2006. Let’s see. The movie’s special effect is great. The theme is kinda cool. The location is really neat. But, uh, lousy acting. No, terrible acting. Jeez, for a movie that’s supposed to be a hybrid of Underworld and X-Men, The Covenant is a terrible waste of time. I’m very sorry, you could’ve done better. I really wonder what the scriptwriter ate because the flow was just so slow. And the casting was just so teen-flick. Cute/hot guys, nice bods, cool clothes. Makes you wonder if they’re gonna form a boy band after the movie or something. Just don’t watch it. Oh please, just don’t. Let’s make that, our covenant.

Marie Antoinette. Greenbelt 3, November 11, 2006. Hmmm. What to say. I watched this last Saturday with a friend. No plans really, but we decided to watch this because I marketed the movie. After all, I hear people say it has a Moulin Rouge touch to it. Moulin Rouge touch, my arse. The movie, though independently, is quite funny for a period film (but not as funny as The Prestige), it’s something that I hoped I have watched out of a friends’ DVD. The music was nice, the clothes were nice, but being a film about the original material girl, the latest directorial output by Miss Coppola didn’t actually hit the spot. It lacked the luster and the glamour. Heck, the way they presented it, Imelda Marcos could kick Marie Antoinette’s booties if shopping was a competition. And the part I really hated was that they didn’t bother showing Marie Antoinette’s brutal end. God, that was the climax I was hoping to see. Do I really have to Google just to make a better ending?


Undeclared. This is funny. Jay Baruchel has his own TV show? Really? Anyway, this is the same guy from Saving Cody. I’m not so sure if this sort of comedy series is gonna be a winner for me. But I do love the surprise guestings though from top-notch stars like Tom Welling.

Second Sight. Have you ever watched, say, CSI and think that the movie’s flow of events is just too fast? Well, they’re located at Las Vegas after all, it’s practically the real city that never sleeps. On the other hand, if you want a lifestyle that is at the other end of the spectrum, you can try visiting London. Better yet, just watch Second Sight which stars Clive Owen. This crime thriller thingy is just so slooow. I don’t know what they’re up to, but this is not the kind of narration I expected to see. Oh, well, who am I to judge anyway?

The Closer. This is really a great one. Imagine an interrogator with a deep Southern accent , with weirdly attractive looks reminiscent of a grade school teacher. This is what you’ll get if you’re watching The Closer. She’s tough, she’s nice, but no, she’s not a bitch. I really recommend this one.

The Inside. Once again, another TV series which stars Peter Coyote in it. I’m not so sure if The Inside, The 4400, and Commander in Chief are being shown on American TV simultaneously. If ever even just at least 2 were, then Peter Coyote would be America’s Eddie Garcia, or Bong Revilla, or whatever local stars who has at least 3 4 5 TV shows in his portfolio (and an upcoming movie). At any rate, The Inside is fun to watch. It’s mysterious, practical, bad, and insane. And no, I’m not describing Peter Coyote’s typical antagonistic role. It’s the whole series I’m talking about.


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