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Almost on Vacation

November 12, 2006

You could almost say I’m on vacation. Having spent the last 3 years (or say, last 8 months) awake for at least 16 hours a day (9 hours work, 3 hours school, n hours travel/eat/shit), getting a whole week of from November 13 to 17 is truly a gift from God.

But then again, I’m not totally free. I assured my boss (oops! no bad B word allowed!) Dennis that I’m still on call and I’d still be doing my BA stuff such as checkin’ on the supplier of our POP materials to be used in our first major P.O. ever (thanks Reggie!), checkin’ on Landmark if UrgenCee is already on-shelf, or devicing a very clever strategy for next year.

At any rate, the reason I filed for a week’s leave was to do my thesis for school. Yes, yes, I’m still an undergrad. Read the blog title: I’m still an enrolled Benildean. At any rate, I consider myself efficient enough to merit respect. So as you can see, this is technically not a real vacation or a leave but more of a shift of focus. I’m not superman, you know. I can’t make a thesis while sitting on a toilet bowl. Hehehe. Oh, anyway, I’m happy. So happy. See me grin.

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