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Are you top 1000?

November 9, 2006

I recently learned about this local website called Top1000Jobs while sidelining as a P.A. for my ever-beloved sister. At first, it sounded something like spam. After all, the URL is pretty corny if you ask me. But then, it’s only after really reading the text in the website which really got me interested. Unlike other job websites that caters to everything, this newbie made use of a classic concept of marketing called positioning. Don’t count on seeing job openings sprawn all-over their website. Since they claim say that they are the only job website catering to the local top 1000 corporations, it would be you, yes you applicant, who would have to play dead and roll over. In layman’s terms, just fill out their form and wait for some HR dude (or girl) from the likes of P&G or Unilever to come knocking at your door. No promises here. If you don’t get anything, well, sadly, maybe you’re not Top 1000 material. Hehehe. Hmmm, am I?

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