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Two Campaigns

October 29, 2006

There are currently 2 marketing campaigns that local companies are doing right now, which I really find interesting. The first is the Amazing-Race type of contest developed by Luk4. The other one is an ala-One campaign from Victoria Court which aims to Stop HIV. The only thing lacking for the latter is Cardinal Madriaga, and perhaps, a minimal participation by Bono.

At any rate, I’d like to express my comments, or concerns, regarding these 2 projects. I know I’m just a little voice from a little boy in the world wide web. But heck, with the power of Google, I know that sooner or later, you’re gonna hear me out.

For LUK4, I texted your SMS number as stated in your website (For more info, call 8993226 or 09299921484 and look for Abby) regarding my concern if people do get charged the infamous P2.50/SMS if we do participate in the contest. I know it’s a stupid question, but the concern was raised as a form of sarcasm. As of presstime, Abby, or whoever holds that mobile number, still hasn’t gotten in touch with me. Lo and behold interactivity at its low point. The most ironic of it all, Luk4 is supposed to be very interactive.

As for the Stop HIV campaign, well, it’s about time. I for one don’t want to be an HIV carrier victim casualty survivor (people, give me a politically correct term please!) but I do hope this thing, which Mr. Ian Angelo King started, wouldn’t be just another lame attempt to harness the positive power of PR to increase the bottomline, climaxed by yet another concert or event at the Fort or Rockwell or wherever is considered the cool place as of this moment. I have great respect for the King family. Heck, I study at Benilde and my weekdays beginning at 6 PM are spent at the Angelo King Building, which your family oh so wonderfully donated. I hope and pray that this campaign would outlive the “victims”, but rather than mere STOPPING the virus, you need to add another humane touch which is UNDERSTANDING what the “victims” are already going through.

Our wonderful country is too far from being liberated. Getting this disease is more of an emotional pain than a physical one. I hope the campaign would not only include information on how WE cannot be like THEM, but how THEY can still be a part of US.

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