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Hallo, Artfilms!

October 10, 2006

I watched Goodbye, Lenin at Shangri-La Plaza with my sis and Fritz last Sunday. Like its title, the movie’s plot is a great irony of life. After all, it may be already 2006 now, but listen you socialist bastards, communism, even just as a theory, is here to stay. Trying to bid farewell to the likes of Lenin or Marx is as futile as outrunning your shadow or committing suicide by not breathing.

Coming back to the movie, the plot, based on my memory, is unique. If it wasn’t, then I’d like to commend the director for coming up with one hell of a unique manner of executing it. The humor is great, the jokes are fun. On the other hand, the romance, the pain, and the suffering, are all excruciating. The movie makes me think about my mom very much, and perhaps, that is why I feel so much about this movie.

You should watch it, too. But then again, the German Festival is over. You don’t know what you’re missing. Hehehe.

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