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2 Movies and Some DVDs

October 1, 2006

I recharged myself last weekend with a whole lotta movies. Last week was a bad week. Hopefully this week would be full of brigh, sunshiny days.

I watched 2 movies first on Friday (Step Up) then on Saturday (DOA). As usual I was alone and yes I enjoyed every moment of it. Step Up was like John Tucker Must Die. Frustrating. The movie was feel-good (which was something I really needed last Friday) and sooo predictable. Now, while we’re talking about predictable movies, DOA is just like that but in a higher level. Just like X-Men 3, I don’t care if the movie has a lame excuse of a plot (though X3’s plot was really, really fine). I am just here for the girly fights and uber-chick flick action.

As for the DVDs, I finally got to watch Flight 93 (aka United 93). I bought this one around months ago and never really got to see it in fear that it would really scare me (I have this thing about flying). Anyway, the movie wasn’t so bad (or so good). Whatever. It looked like a TV movie for me.

I also began watching 2 new TV series entitled Little Britain and Commander in Chief. Little Britain rocks and I particularly like that bald, chubby guy (not me) who reminds me a lot of Michael V’s antics. Perhaps this lad is impersonating him (or vice versa). Whatever. Commander in Chief, on the other hand, is full of crap. Of course, the plot is superb. But it doesn’t take a scientist to know what’s going on.

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