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Urgent Need

August 30, 2006

I have always tried my best not to talk about my actual work (and output) here in my blog. My place here in WordPress may not be as popular as that of Cofibean’s or Bryanboy’s but at any rate, I do get a lot of traffic. Anyway, inasmuch as I wan’t to blurt it all out, I have to wait until next week when I am pretty sure the product website is almost done and when our goods are already out in the market. Next week, I’ll make the official press release of everything and anything under my so-called power. Who knows, I may even play Santa and give away freebies (with permission from ze Man, of course). Hehehe.

All I can tell you is that work is now piling up and to make things worse, it’s also my finals at Benilde. I find it so difficult now to make both ends meet. I just pray to God that please I have need to graduate ASAP not only because I am long overdue (6,7 years in college), but I have to take care of a lot of things including my Mom’s medical bills. It’s not as if my father is also in his best condition, you know. Going back to school, it’s not as if the major subjects at school is just a joke. Sir Venida, Ms. Marasigan, I beg you two to please…. (Believe it or not, but only the minor or general subjects are the only ones you could really really pass with your eyes closed – but that’s if you know what you’re talking about). Hehehe.

A lot of orders (that’s P.O. for you!) are coming in (thanks to Reggie, yo the man!) and I still have to coordinate the Metro Manila promotions as well as conjure something for the new BA to work on as soon as he (or she) comes in and I do hope it would be really soon. It’s unfortunate than as early as now, one of us in the team has to lie-low for a while. Health issues, tsk. All I can do is to beg God to please, not now.

As of the moment, the Metro Manila challenge is clearing up and now at the finalization process. I firmly believe that I’m an execution guy. Just give me a a very clear, affirmative nod and I can do just about everything. As for the regional, I have a bunch of ideas, but I need the new BA to clean it all up. I am quite frustrated though because even if our idea is coherent all through out, I don’t think the campaigns can be classified as Integrated Marketing Campaign at all. But then again, we don’t follow the books here at Naturale Labs Citrus Well. We write them. Hehehe.

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