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Love Moves in Mysterious Waste

August 29, 2006

I usually don’t write book reviews about books I don’t like or didn’t really read because it is such a bore (e.g. Pour Your Heart Into It, Clueless in PR, The End of Marketing as We Know It). But I find this one such a special exception because if you have waited in great anticipation to finally get to read something and got disappointed, you’d know how I feel. I first saw this book during my first months at work and ever since I wanted to lay my eyes on the nifty graphics of this would-be shrine of great, great brands. After finally getting my wish, not only did I find the layout inefficiently done (meaning, not good for reading), I really didn’t like the way it was written. If I wanted testimonials, I would have gone on-line instead. A bad book about great brands. A not so good combination.

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