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August 26, 2006

Yes, that’s my cell phone number. Spam text it all you want, world. Hehehe. Anyway, I feel so bad because I just lost my mobile phone last Saturday night just after I arrived at Pier 1 Ortigas for Ken’s birthday party. What’s making it worse is that I had the UrgenCee TXT Hotline SIM card as well. Huhuhuhu. I am so SORRY! I know, I know we had that number printed for the DSAP brochure. I am such a dunce.

Anyway, I hated the party. I saw a lot of old ghosts and some new ones which made me feel so helpless. How could THEY get something like THAT! I smell something fishy. Hehehe!

Hehehe. That’s sourgraping at its finest!


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