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The Google Way

August 10, 2006

The line whenever in doubt, Google it is now as popular as catch phrases like time is gold or God is love, which is why it won’t come off as a surprise to see a lot of paper used (or wasted) to describe, attest, chronicle, or merely, cash out, of the phenomenon we all call as the Google. One of the best books ever written (and is honestly the only one I’ve ever read) about the history of this $30 B IPO company is entitled The Search by a certain John Battele.

Now, what makes this book different from the rest is that it does not only talk about Google like the rest of the flock, but it raises the topic to a higher level by talking about the search business in general. Thanks to Battelle, I now have a deeper understanding of the industry that is search and how the failures and successes of Overture, Yahoo!, and even Alta Vista, paved the way to newer and more specific sites in the present.

As a marketing person (and my God, I hope I really am who I think I am), it is nice to note that the concepts of segmentation, positioning, and niche-marketing still exists in the realms of 1s and 0s. Presently, there are (I think) hundreds and hundreds of search engines, most of which are serving internet users in a per-country level. There’s our very own, tagging sites like Digg,, and the still-in-beta-phase Imbisibol, to network-dependent search engines as brought about by Friendster called Eurekster.

As what we can all see, the Internet Boom (or Bubble) is here for a zanier sequel. Who knows, we all may be fortunate enough to have a better view this time around.

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