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August 6, 2006

Believe it or not but I went out to a party last night. It wasn’t really an actual gimmick at some bar or something. It was just a pseudo-exclusive party (that is it’s supposed to be private but some unknown rat like moi came with the rest of the pack) at someone’s condo at Eastwood City, Libis. Lotsa food, lotsa drinks, and lotsa people I haven’t even laid eyes on mere hours ago.

Anyway, the party, though quite humble and quiet, made me realize the simple things I’ve been missing as a third-generation antisocial. It was kinda fun to be around people even if the only thing I did was watch Reno 911 and Chronicles of Riddick on TV. In fact, the people at the party never really mingled (or was it only my perception) since a bunch of the guests had their own chit chat at the kitchen, the dining area, and over the PC clicking on You Tube. At any rate, I could honestly say, that event was pure visual pleasure. I just had to control myself. Thank God, I did.

Anyway, the party sucked big time and it made me realize why I have preferred for years and years now to just stay at home and watch DVDs rather than go out and meet new people. It was a good thing that I had the power over the remote and was fortunate enough to catch those stupid cops of Reno 911 and that dumbass of a flick with Vin Diesel in it and those glaucoma eyes. Oh by the way, there was this guy there who kept on saying it starred a certain “Van Diesel” and the title was the Relic 2. Jeez. I know the guy’s acting is bad but I never thought of him as a horrific actor. Wahaha! Moreover, who the fuck is “Van Diesel”? This is a movie not an OPEC video campaign! Hahaha! Van Diesel? What’s next? Ferrari V-Power?

Sigh. It sucks to be me. Hehehe. I should’ve watched Miami Vice instead.

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