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Sukob or not Sukob?

August 1, 2006

Nothing was particularly special last weekend. It’s the same old loser formula I follow every Saturday. One movie, a great dinner, and then I throw in a couple of DVDs. Anyway, I really didn’t intend to watch a movie by then. As what I’ve mentioned before, I’ve seen it all most of it and I intend to watch Sukob with my officemates. But anyway, come nighttime, I really felt bored so I decided to eat outside. Later on, when I was already at GB3, to my surprise, everyone wanted to watch Sukob. Like duh. Sukob at GB3. It’s not really a posh place. I’m not even a socialite myself but I could hardly remember any specific instance wherein they showed a Pinoy movie inside their temples of Dolby and THX sound.

Anyway, before watching a movie, I ate at Blue Ginger at Greenbelt 3. There were 3 reasons why I chose this place. First, I loved the interiors. I assumed that the ocean of orange would instantly lift up my mood. Second, only 2 other people ate there, so I assumed that the service would be fast (the law of please-this-sole-customer-or-get-bad-word-of-mouth-for-life).

Finally, I always root for the underdog, since as a real-life underdog myself, I think it’s only right that we take care of each other. Hehehe. Anyway, it was such a disappointing experience. The food was okay, really. It’s just that, the place was practically empty and the people there didn’t appear like they were a wee bit bothered that they’d loose all their jobs real soon if they don’t get more customers fast. Second, I kinda waited for quite some time for the food to get served. So I assumed maybe they weren’t prepared at all for any kind of sale and so the moment I ordered (so close to closing time) they were all taken by surprise. How I wish they didn’t spit on my food. Hehehe. I loved the gooey sauces though. Hmmm….

Moving on to the movie, I really think it’s a very good film. I first just decided to watch it because I thought I should just join the bandwagon. However, upon watching the opening credits, I realized that the people behind Sukob is about to impress me. The acting were not all that great but then again I may be biased. Kris Aquino is still and forever be Kris Aquino to me. No offense meant, but stereotypes are always a sticky thing in my mind. Moreover, the special effects were so great. It was nice enough that if you could notice, I didn’t say the special effect were so great for a Filipino movie. Yes, yes, the window bit reminded everyone of Sadako, but come on people. Wasn’t the bus accident scene so so fine?

And so, if ever you get to read this li’l movie review of mine, believe me when I say watch Sukob. Watch it alone, watch it with your friends, watch it with the entire family (doesn’t that sound familiar?) Just promise me though that you won’t scream like a girl at every supposedly scary scene in the movie. It’s Kris Aquino! It’s a Kris Aquino movie.

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