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Why I Hate Chikka

July 28, 2006

I was texting Sir Alex of Lloyd Lab earlier today. As usual, like most people who are in front a PC nowadays, he made use of Chikka instead of replying directly via his own mobile phone. Anyway, since I have always loathed Chikka ever since their controversial contest results years ago of which I was a very avid participant, I refused to text Sir Alex back over their money-hungry 237163 number. At P2.50 per reply and with Globe Unlimitxt at hand, why would I be stupid enough to spend more for the same fish? Anyway, after Sir Alex’s 3rd text, I received one of their too many automatic SMS, which says:

Note: If you do not reply to this message, the user will be blocked from sending you messages. Reply with any message to disable block function.

Wow. Talk about greed sugarcoated with anti-spam and privacy concerns. I’m a marketer. You’re a marketer. All Marketers Are Liars.

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  1. Tina permalink
    July 31, 2006 3:54 am

    I think that you are reading too much into the “greed” factor of Chikka. Chikka is providing a worthwhile service, and it is a business, naturally, this comes with a price for consumers. No one is forcing you to use Chikka, it was Sir Alex’s own perogative to use it. You may or may not reply. You must admit that is it quite a convenient service to use, especially when, like most office people, you are sitting in front of your computer the whole day. Im sure for him, it was just natural to use Chikka. Its easy, fast and free. Don’t take it personally. And I know from first hand experience, the hassle of someone sending you Chikka messages over and over again, so I can say that the anti-spam feature has its value. Don’t take it personally. 🙂

  2. July 31, 2006 3:57 am

    Hi! I am actually on the contrary side of your issue. I am thankful to the Chikka platform because I saved a lot of money sending messages to my friends abroad. Well, not all people are comfortable with the P2.50 like you perhaps, but I don’t care if I get billed P2.50. If we talk about the value of chatting with your loved ones abroad, P2.50 is way cheaper than being charged in dollars. Here in the Philippines, I also don’t mind being billed P2.50. And it’s not Chikka who set the rules of P2.50. It’s the telcos. Smart, Globe and Sun. It became a standard now I guess. All the promos are not under Chikka. From what I know, the reason why you are asked to reply or else you’ll be blocked is because the telcos set some rules to avoid SPAM. I’m sure nobody likes to be spammed.

  3. July 31, 2006 6:26 am

    Thanks for the comments. Well, I have heard the same stand before. I think my view would change completely if Chikka handles their process this way: People can text anyone limitlessly for FREE and will only be blocked if the recipient says so. What they do is the reverse, which prompts the recipient to reply via their number (and pays P 2.50) if they are in need to get the info from the Chikka user, such as in my case. You see, if it were done the way I suggested then cynical people like me wouldn’t think of Chikka as prioritizing the bottomline above everything else.

    As for worldwide or international SMS, yes Chikka is undeniably the best option for now.

  4. July 31, 2006 12:06 pm

    Well, if you want them (Chikka) to do it your way then you must try to call the attention of the telcos. From little what I know, they have no choice but to warn the recipient or else he/she will be temporarily blocked. It’s for the good of the person receiving the txt because what if the sender is a spammer? Or totally, make Chikka services for free at all hanggang malugi. 😀

    Chikka is giving us a certain number of free messages a day and your credits will replenish after 24 hours. Isn’t that enough for a free txt? “Eh buti nga may libre pa kaysa wala.” Saan ka makahanap ng ibang libre? It’s also good to set some limitations to avoid abuse.

    I checked your profile and you belong to a Junior Marketing Association. I’m sure you’ll be a successful marketing manager someday Kris and you’ll deffinetly understand more the nature of marketing.

    Chikka really did great wonders. Infact, I heard that Chikka is the official mobile enabler of Google Talk in Asia. If Chikka doesn’t make sense, why would a big company like Google to partner with Chikka? Now, my question to you is… “Is the platform really bad at all?” Maybe you’ll understand that someday when you yourself will have your own business or perhaps, you’ll be a marketing manager of a multi-national company. It’s hard if we are always cynical and bitter in the world where you live. If you’ll take that route, you’ll always end up a “Kontrabido” in your day to day life.

    But cheers to your advocacy! You are truly a blogger.


  5. July 31, 2006 12:24 pm

    Correction from my last post, I just found out from their website that Chikka is not just the partner of GoogleTalk in Asia but including U.S., India and to the rest of the countries that Chikka exist. We should be proud of this! Chikka is a Filipino owned company and it’s making noise all over the world. Sorry King, I’m really a die hard of Chikka. It’s really an innovative plat form. Forgive me if I’m taking their side and against from what you’re fighting for. I’m not stopping you either. I just reacted to your particular article. Well, that’s the wonders of blogging.

    “Welcome to Chikka Country!”


  6. August 1, 2006 4:56 pm

    thanks for the clarification. anyway, since you’re already reading my blog, do you have any info as well regarding that contest chikka had before, specifically who won…. the prize was around $1000 and each chikka sms you send is worth one entry or something….

  7. August 14, 2006 2:56 am

    hmmmm… nope! But they always do promos and they successfully gave loads of cash, iPods, etc.

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