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Two Movies

July 24, 2006

I watched only two (2) movies and three (3) episodes of Lost Season 2 last weekend. That’s how busy I was am. You see, a lot of changes happened at work due to the latest course of events in the industry. Gotta act fast. Gotta act smart. Anyway, I’ll launch whatever it is I am working on for the last 5 months or so here on my blog, hopefully, within this week. Who knows? I may even gonna give away freebies to all of you hundred-something people who keeps on reading my blog. Just a simple way to appreciate you giving me attention. I’m an attention-whore. In return, make me uber famous. Hehehe.

Anyway, first stop is Rumour Has It. Funny. Stupid. Chick flick. End of story. Second one on the list is the much-awaited sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Well, I must say, Captain Jack Black rocks! The movie is so worth it. The chase, the humor, the action, and even the ending was great. Some people hated it because it’s hanging or something. At any rate, I think it was nicely done. I wouldn’t want to miss the third installment. I just do hope that the last part wouldn’t suck Matrix-style. If ever, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy would land as one of the best movies ever!

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