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My Own Li’l Game

July 14, 2006

Life has taught me very well that there are some things that I could never control like, say, my hairline. Though there are several alternatives and quick remedies, it would always be wiser to do a Vin Diesel and just embrace the awful truth. A wig or a toupee would really have a bad impact on my already waning social life. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there are things that one should never accept defeat with. And if ever, just like in my case, wherein hurdles and challenges are overwhelming in some endeavors, it would be most advisable to seek out even just the very simplest alternative outlets.

Recently, I have felt the enormous pressure and elation of being brought up so high and down in just a blink of an eye. If this would push through any further, I believe, I may end up loosing my mind. So as usual, I made myself a part of several projects all at the same time so that I could always have an available outlet of expressing my creativity. So if ever, thing won’t budge on one end, I wouldn’t blow my gonads screaming and cursing while in the shower because I could always cool off while thinking of nice, new things to do for other projects I’m making myself busy with.

Some may call it spreading myself too thin. Perhaps some may fear that I am beginning to loose my focus. At any rate, I believe that time management for me comes very almost natural. Warning though, time management for me is punctuality of output and not always punctuality via bundy clock, especially on very lazzzy days. Hehehe.

Anyway, to sum it all up, I have once again invested several month’s worth of salary into 2 new endeavors which, I believer for now, would make me feel happy and content. One, two, or none of it may rake in the big bucks, but it’s all okay for me. I’d rather die a failure than die without giving risk a try.

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