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Take the Hint

June 26, 2006

Watching the movie Take the Lead (Saturday, 11 PM, C2, GB3) can be simply described with one word: DAMN. As expected, I enjoyed movie. The movie is so cool, fun, and so full of hope, which really made my pointless existence worth living right again. Just in case you don’t believe the extent of its positive effect on me, be warned when I say you may catch me dancing alone while hooking to my i-Jam, or worse, continue wearing hip-hop clothes much to my sister’s amusement.

Anyway, one thing to note was the sound and video editing of the movie. There’s nothing better than sharp visual imagery and funky remixes as classic and modern beat combine to form a whole new groove. Moreover, I can’t just help but smile everytime I overhear my seatmate’s reaction to the film. Ladies and Gentlemen, it may sound creepy (in fact I thought I was at the actual Eastside-Westside thing) because most of the audiences were donning Fubu jerseys and NY caps with matching bling-bling and all that jazz.

It would have been cool with me, you know, if not for that dork of a seatmate I had who had nothing better to say than DAMN every five minutes or so.You think plain DAMN is corny enough. Wait until you get to hear the rest of his lines:

1. DAMN. That’s so romantic, yo;
2. DAMN. He’s dancing the Argentinean tango. That’s the Argentinean tango, yo;
3. DAMN. He’s got the moves, man. DAMN; and worse, in response to Mr. D’s statement that one has to dance not because one has to but loves to (or something to that extent),
4. DAMN. That’s hell right, yo! Must come from the heart, man…

DAMN. I need aspirin.

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  1. June 26, 2006 2:42 am

    DAMN… if i had druthers, i might walkout.

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