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All Rise

June 24, 2006

Pardon the pun, but Friday was really mostly about Al and Laura Ries. I was fortunate enough to have a spot with Dennis and the rest of the guys from work during the seminar they conducted at the Philippine Plaza Hotel (formerly known as Westin). It was such a great break from actual office work. I had a rough time yesterday and I wasn't really THAT crazy to be back in my cozy chair just yet. Anyway, I guess I have to be honest about everything. I think the event was generally an anticlimax. Well, maybe, it wasn't just the event but the whole darned day.

#1. The seminar was nothing more but a run-down of all the Al Ries books I have read. Nothing new really. Not even the examples. I'm not so sure how much the events costs because it was subsidized by the company (or was it deductible from my pay?) but I surely do think that the other participants would cry foul as soon as they realized that they could've saved money just by buying the books instead. It would have been better if at least they gave examples from the Philippine perspective. Congratulations to though for having been mentioned by the great Al Ries. Guess this bit should shove shame into the hearts and guts of all you people out there who perceive the sunshine industry as a no-shine career. I have my reasons for leaving, but I'm proud as hell of my days at ICT and for having personally applied at They rejected me though. The HR said my personality wouldn't do them any good. So I guess that's what I get for being so candid in a personality interview. Taught me so good about prepping myself up in the future. Hahaha.

#2. It's such a shame that some people can't just leave some things alone.

#3. A very long, long, long (did I mention LONG?) test at Retail Management thanks to Mr. Michael Macatangay.

#4. Met with Philip for Shift Mag and then….

#5. DVDs all the way until 5 in the morning. Hehehe. Some were great and sooo inspiring. Some were crap and shit and all that. I'll give full reviews soon I guess. It's still Saturday and I have a lot of other films to see.

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