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Weekend with DVDs and Iced Tea

June 13, 2006

I could say that the latest long weekend is probably the laziest moment of my life. Aside from the short stint at school for JMA’s second teambuilding, I basically spent the entire vacation doing nothing more but watching DVDs. Well, here goes….

I intended to watch an episode of the TV series I have in between actual full-length movies. But because it is just so good, my sister and I were able to finish the entire 7-DVD set in just one day. Prison Break is really my cup of tea (and I do drink teas, mind you). I really love conspiracy theories and pure mind work. Yes, I am a slave to technology, but nothing makes a movie more intense than sheer brilliant minds at work. I'm so excited for Season 2.

I also began watching Season 2 of Lost. For some reason, I think Lost lost it. I just wish, I’m wrong.
Anyway, for the full-length movies, here’s what I got to watch:
Bad Education. Boring
One Last Thing. This movie made me realize how pathetic my life is. If ever I do die right now, I won’t have many friends to cry over my grave. Sigh.
A History of Violence. So fucking stupid.
Failure to Launch. Could this be Hitch Female Version? Anyway, it was funny at first, but the ending is just so passé.
Dorian Blues. I just hate being holistic. It keeps on hitting me back like a boomerang. Jeez.
C.R.A.Z.Y.. Crazy French movie.

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