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Is It Really Goodbye?

May 26, 2006

I hope YES. X-Men III is a great movie. It has cool effects and fight scenes that does not remind you of the Matrix. Oh well, maybe for the scenes with Jean Grey/Phoenix and her super abilities. Nevertheless, it's still a must-watch for movie buffs like me. The X-Men Trilogy has always made people who grew up with Prof. X and the rest of the team feel young again. It has always delivered its promise of a quality blockbuster flick. Thus, having successfully delivered it all with its third installment, it would only be right for them to STOP now before everything falls out of hand and reminds us all of the fiasco we all know as the Matrix.

But then again, I hope NOT. Good movies are hard to come by especially the superhero stuff that just makes people of my disposition forget the complexities of life even just for 2 hours or so. It's a sad movie though. But just like life, the future is still promising.

Trivia: You may not even give a flying f*ck about this, but the girl who played Psylocke is a Filipina.


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