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A View To A Kill

May 26, 2006

Here's my nice bedroom view. Technically, it isn't really a bedroom view because our place is just a studio unit. Nevertheless if location is a factor, my humble abode is undeniably strategically placed. Anyway, every morning (or around 5 pm after sleeping all day ala Jason Mraz), this is what I get to see. If you ask people regarding their favorite views or sights a piece of the urban jungle would hardly make it into their list. For me though, this is not only a wake up call to "leave for office in 60 minutes or be stuck in traffic" during manic weekdays, but it kinda reminds me that sooner or later, every sacrifice has its own rewards. I'm gonna have my own building. Wahaha.

I know it's kinda melodramatic. And it is somehow pathetic to channel my yearning into the RCBC Plaza, which is sadly a lame Bilbao Museum wannabee. But I guess this would have to do until I have my first meal at the Four Seasons.

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