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Bad Vibes at

May 18, 2006

I have always been a proud and satisfied SureSeats user since the day they debuted on-line years ago. Unfortunately, like all good things, certain bad and shitty things are bound to happen. Thanks to the intense controversy surrounding the Da Vinci Code, their website is so slow you could have lunch first and still come back right in time to read the error message flash right before your eyes. Oh wait – that’s what I really did yesterday.

Anyway, I couldn’t blame them about HOW SLOW their website was or HOW BUGGY the script has been. What really got me pissed off were the girls behind the SureSeats counter. You see, this was my gameplan. I wasn’t so sure if Fritz, my sister’s boyfriend, was really able to secure tickets for us at the Power Plant. As selfish as I always am, I decided to reserve a seat for myself just in case.

So, I first dropped by the SureSeats counter at Glorietta 4. As usual, their website was uber slow. For some reason, I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just make their counters directly connect to their database as a local host. Anyway, I’m not the boss. So, I asked the girl – whoever she was but she looked like that lady comedienne from Basilica Bar in Malate – that I wanted to log on.

She told me not to touch the computer. I waited and read a book to kill time. 10 minutes later, I said, “Couldn’t I just give it a try?” She replied saying I wouldn’t be able to do anything so I should just wait. I asked if the ticket prices were only higher for the Da Vinci Code or would it revert back to the original price afterwards. She raised her eyebrow, pointed at the ticket counters, and got back to doing whatever it was she was doing. I faked a smile and said, “I’M ASKING YOU IF THE NEW PRICES WILL CONTINUE FOR THE SUCCEEDING MOVIES OR IS THIS JUST BE CAUSE OF THE DA VINCI CODE.”

Oh, she said, just for the Da Vinci Code. And returned to doing what it was she did: chatting. So I said, why not close that window and open a new Internet Explorer to speed things up. It, I added, sometimes works. She snapped back at me saying, “I already did that. It’s busy. Why not buy tickets instead?”

And so, she really got into me. I said, I only wanted to reserve tickets. God, I wanted to give her an Employee of the Year Award or something. Well at least she told me I could also reserve tickets via SMS. But then again, the SMS replies came delayed and it only contained a VBScript Error Message. Pathetic.

At GB3, things really got ugly. I don’t wanna dwell into the fact that I stayed for more than an hour at the counter just to reserve tickets. I just want to mention the dumbest excuse I had to hear for the day. After reserving the tickets on-line, I told the girl behind the counter if I could print the page. What she did was print the ticket and asked me to pay P190 up front. Man, I wanted to choke her to death. Nevermind that I just lost a perfectly good seat in the G Section in the middle of the theater because the transaction, she said, cannot be cancelled.

What really got me is that why would she think I wanted to pay for the ticket now? Why in the world would I waste time on-line if I could just easily buy a ticket at the regular counter? And worse, why would I pay extra P20 for reservation if I intended to pay for the ticket right then and there. I really hate to say this, but lady that was plain stupid!


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  1. stupidsureseats permalink
    November 21, 2009 2:27 am

    I really really really hate sureseats’ customer service now! if there exists one! in general ayala malls customer service team sucks! I purchased tickets in advance for the New Moon screening, and now their website’s busted! I can’t get my confirmation code and the screening is today. I called their hotline for a whole day yesterday to no avail. It’s always busy. Even the hotline for the cinema itself is always busy. The time I got a ringing tone, no one answered. GRRRRRR! To think this is an Ayala company. Don’t they have the money to set their system right? Sheeeeesh! I thought I got ahead because I purchased tickets in advance. But NOOOOOO. GRRRRRR! Damn sureseats!

  2. king del rosario permalink
    November 22, 2009 1:50 am

    @stupidsureseats: well i will lobby soon enough that our “load” should not have expiration dates. 🙂

  3. April 25, 2012 7:29 am

    It’s been years since this article was made and Ayala’s service hasn’t changed one bit! Sureseats still suck and their customer service is a pain to the point where I can say I love SM better! Oh wait, I don’t. SM movie houses are so big (feels like watching a 50 inch at home when you are at the premiere section) that the point of going to movie house isn’t fun anymore. The number of people they house and the type of people that go there are so annoying. No respect for the movie… at all!
    Anyway, sureseats seems slower than ever whenever a new movie comes out. The new layout for the website is poorly made, a friend of mine could’ve done better. Accepted payments seems to change every now and then which sucks because they don’t accept paypal anymore. This M-pass to load is just a shitty way of making things more complicated. They accept major credit cards (thru M-pass of course), but my Ayala cinema doesn’t. What’s the big deal? When will you learn that a new age is upon us so stop being… cash cash cash. Credit cards are the new cash! Safer and secure. The new captcha image verification is annoying. When you try to get in touch with Ayala customer service, no one seems to be present and when you actually get to talk to a person they still rely on what the website can do for them, they cannot directly connect to the database. So nuff said! GRRRRRRR! Damn you sureseats!
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