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Wednesday at Westin

May 17, 2006

Wednesday was a lot of fun if not only for the fact that I had an acute case of diarrhea. You see, I’ve been taking in a lot of new top-secret herbs lately which I hope would make the final cut of my products second version. Yes, you got that right, we’re already well underway the modifications for my product though the first batch is still pending debut hopefully by June 2006.

Anyway, come afternoon, I went to the Hotel Philippine Plaza (read as Westin) for the Open House & Pre-Registration Event of the much-awaited Al Ries Seminar next month. I was with Dennis, Ems, Mara, King (the other King), Chau, Tippie, and Limuy. If you really wanna be strict about it, Kuya Ricky was there as well. Hehehe.

The short event first featured a talk by Dr. Ned Roberto. It turns out he’s ½ of the brains behind the column I usually read at the Philippine Daily Inquirer every Friday entitled Marketing RX. Unfortunately, thanks to the nasty sensations in my stomach, I had to excuse myself for around an hour as I pranced, waited, and prayed for my body to stabilize.

The good thing was that for the next speaker, which was Francis Kong, I was able to come back to the conference area just in time for me to hear a good bulk of the jokes and points. He talked about the concept of “Brand You” which was all about personal branding. It was such an inspiring talk and hopefully I’d be able to make use of my newfound learning to enhance myself as a brand.

Come to think of it, Mr. Kong wasn’t really the first person to talk about this concept. I first had the chance to hear about personal branding through a talk given by the current CEO of I really don’t wanna sound boastful or something, but I hardly think anyone from is in any position to give inspirational success stories for now. Furthermore, I really didn’t like a lot of things he had to say at that time. I could even remember him saying one of his tips for success as “Don’t gimmick.” Perhaps placing the word “excessively” in between the first and last words of his tip would have made things more believable.

Coming back to Mr. Kong and the concept of personal branding, I have recently realized that I could even further focus my marketing skills. Having a great background in software, it wouldn’t be impossible to make myself a guru of tech marketing of some sort. I know I have a substantial knowledge of how the web ticks from both admin- and end-user perspective. And so, with much opportunities and a lot of tinkering, I may able to catapult myself into the forefront of concepts such as Internet Branding, Permission Marketing, and so on.

Now, if only I could only start something.

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