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Movies Moral Lesson

May 15, 2006

I watched a lot of DVDs over the weekend. This is because I believe that the summer season is finally over as indicated by the first typhoon of May. I really love staying indoors during these cold times to the point that I just sleep all day, or moreover, all weekend. Anyway, in between zzzs and showers, here are the movies I’ve seen while in my PJs. I’ll also begin placing a moral lesson that I have learned from the movies I’ve seen from now on.

Cry Wolf

This is a very nice killer flick starring that nut from Whirly Girl. Anyway, most critics would say that Cry Wolf is a bunch of crap edited into a film, but I say otherwise. I really like the way the movie used technology as a part of the plot. Moreover, the editing and the special effects are also notable. I love the way they made use of graphics and digital imagery to produce the Wolf.

Moral Lesson: Don’t cry wolf.

Ball and Chain

This is a very stupid Indian movie. Not stupid in an Ashton Kutcher laughable way just in case you’re wondering. It is stupid in the very basic sense. Even without the Bhangre, this movie is just the pits. It’s like watching German Moreno and Dolphy in one flick. God, the acting would just kill you.


Moral Lesson: Don’t buy anything Indian.


When a Stranger Calls

This is actually a very thrilling movie. The acting is kinda good and the house is so dreamy. Once I get my first billion, I’ll hire the best architects in town and then just make them watch this movie. I guess by then they’ll understand what I want my house to look like. Anyway, the ending is great especially since it does not follow the usual convention of whodunit at the end.

Moral Lesson: Do not ground your children.



The Nun

Oh, God. This is the pits. The acting is so bad I almost forgave myself for watching Ball and Chain.

Morale Lesson: Don’t buy anything just because you saw the poster at GB3.



Scary Movie 4

Brilliant. Funny. Worth every peso I paid to watch this on DVD. Hehehe. I particularly love the Million Dollar Baby part.

Moral Lesson: Nothing.

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