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Meine Gott!

May 10, 2006

It seems like it is headhunting season once more. Since Monday, HR people from various call centers (and a few that are not) are calling me especially for certain key German positions.

Sigh. The sound of “achtung” keeps on flashing dollar signs all over my head. I know that I don't speak perfect German, but in the world of human resource economics, the demand for pseudo neonazis like me is way far greater than the supply. One particular call mentioned the position of German accounts manager. So, it’s sort of a marketing job with a dash of Deutsche then it would be the best of both worlds huh?

Ich kann wirklich meine Deutsche beβer machen und auch eine Arbeit als Marktspezialist haben sein. Das is schön, ja, and sehr wunderbar!

Well, not really. First of all, I am still studying, and so I’ll never be able to squeeze in the 3pm until midnight German working hours in standard Manila time. I prefer to go to school from 6 to 9pm daily and so even entertaining such an interview will really devastate the status quo. Second, even if they would pay me a whole lotta more than what I’m earning right now, I’d still be a nameless, faceless entity in the company. In Filipino terms, I’m KSP. That wouldn’t really suit me.



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