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Weekend Happenings

May 8, 2006

This weekend was very disastrous for me. Thanks to what I did last Friday, I woke up around a few seconds before 5am on Saturday. It would have been okay if it was just an ordinary Saturday morning. But the thing is, the office has planned to go to Puerto Galera and the call time was 4:45. Yes, I was in deep shit.

Moments after King texted me followed by a phone call from Tippie. Believe it or not but I was outside the house and hailing a taxi mere 8 minutes later. I just don’t know how I did it but yeah, I did it. It’s only a blessing that I was able to pack my things before I slept last night. Anyway, I was so embarrassed by the whole situation. After all, I arrived at the office around 5:50. In short, I made everyone wait for me and that includes my boss and his wife. If it were any other company (and my God, I hope the company I work for isn’t like that) this is excuse to be reprimanded, or worse, get fired.

Anyway, thanks to me, we arrived at the Batangas Portal around 930 AM where a bunch of people screamed and pushed us around all for the purpose of making us choose their boat ride over others. I’ve been to Puerto Galera before but the experience still traumatizes me. You can just imagine how the rest of the group reacted. On the way, I saw Moe and a bunch of other Benildeans en route to the resort as well.

We took the MV (or was it MB) Brian boat and arrived at Puerto Galera almost 2 hours after. The beach seemed fine to me. It’s not as good as what we have in Davao, but as far as I know, Davao beaches have no decent night life. Hehehe. Nothing’s ever perfect. As for the rest of the guys whom most have been to Boracay, they consider the place as nothing compared to where they’ve been.

Anyway, after hastily soaking up the sun and the salty seawater, we left the place around 430 PM. It was a very tiring experience for me that I decided to no longer go to the Asian Formula 3 racing on Sunday. I was so sure that I would be unable to wake up on time for the departure and I personally hate déjà vu.

At home, I watched Lord of War. I really liked the movie, and if it weren’t for my sister’s dream to become President of the Republic of the Philippines, I would have shifted careers right here and then. Being an arms dealer in the Philippines can prove to be profitable. We have a lot of underground groups, rebels, and all. Not to mention that we are strategically located in the middle of Asia. All I have to do is to enhance my bad boy image and perhaps, to talk in different accents. Hehehe.

The next day passed by so quickly. I woke up and watched Boys and Girls, which proved to be yet another dumb movie. Then there’s My Own Private Idaho. For some reason, watching a dead guy and someone who doesn’t act (read as Keanu Reeves) hump each other isn’t really visually appealing to my senses. The only way I connected to the movie is the narcolepsy thing. I firmly believe I am narcoleptic. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll support the possibility. The last DVD I watched is the Producers. A very stupid movie but I did kinda like it.

By around 5 PM my sister came back and we went to church. After which we went to Market! Market! to watch Mission: Impossible III. Since I already saw it, I had to act as if I haven’t seen it before. It was okay for me really to watch it again since I do like the movie, but it was so hard to focus on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s acting if the people seated at your left (my sister and Fritz are at the right) gave the dumbest comments about a movie ever.

Upon returning home, it seemed like I still haven’t gotten enough movies in my head. To cap the nigh off, I watched Inside Man on DVD with my sister. As usual, another movie with Jodie Foster in it failed to amaze me.

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