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The Saddest Song

May 5, 2006

I used to listen to RX 93.1 a lot during my Ateneo days but ever since my sister ridiculed me for basically waking up with Chico and Delamar regularly, I switched to Manila's only Lite Radio and that is K-Lite 103.5. Anyway, when I listen to the radio, I merely listen. I do not develop some sort of bond with the DJ on-air in a way that after his or her shift, I'd normally forget their names. DJs for me are a bunch of faceless and nameless beings which I am merely obligated to listen to for a moment or two for the sake of transition. However, due to the influx of SMS and my desire to be heard and connect once in a while, I have been somewhat addicted to this interactive radio thing of "just sending my answers to Klite space 1035 space blah blah" with the use of my trusty 6210.

So right now, you can basically see me listen to the radio especially when I'm riding the MRT/LRT. At first glance you may think that I have an iPod or something. But guess what, I actually don't. In fact, I don't have any plans of buying one unless of course if the brand new selling price would reach P5, 000. But until that time, I'm quite contented with what Kuya Richard gave me from his visit in the Land of the Free.

Yes, my friends, my ears and brains are connected to this ancient device called an I-Jam MP3 player. Kuya Richard told me that you can basically buy this thing for a small $18 on eBay. At first I've been quite shy and insecure to show this stupid thing around. But after some time I am now very comfortable with it and I intend to keep it even if I do get my own iPod.

Anyway, yesterday (or was it last Tuesday) I heard some DJ hard sell the newest single by James Blunt. He claimed that this song is the saddest song ever. He had some sort of pitch before he actually played it on air which included please-kill-me lines like "I hope I will never experience something which would make me wanna sing that song" and, worse, "I just wanted to jump off the building out of sadness from hearing it." He reminded me so much of my telemarketing days.

The song was kinda sad really but thanks to the DJ, he raised my expectations so high that it basically heightened by senses and expected nothing less than perfection. The best lines of the song for me were:

You touched my heart you touched my soul.
You changed my life and all my goals.
And love is blind and that I knew when,
My heart was blinded by you.

As you can see, Mr. Blunt did not use new terms and words to express how he felt. But just like what that female DJ said on-air at that time, she said the emotions was basically emphasized by his sad, sad voice. Unfortunately, since I always read between the lines, I think that lady DJ wasn't really impressed with the song, or if she was, she too thought that the other DJ – the male DJ – ruined the song by basically overselling it on air. That is why I think the comment she had was basically half-baked and she merely wanted to level with her partner at that time.

Anyway, I like the song "Goodbye My Lover" and I surely do hope it won't be overused or something so that the tragedy it infuses in the listener's imagination wouldn't fade away. Though it is a sad, sad song, I still believe that it is still a far cry from the song I really consider as the saddest song ever. This song is from kd lang entitled "Love Affair" and is a part of the official soundtrack of Twister. The most heart-breaking lines of the track for me would be:

Skies without stars
All the nights without you
I watch the world
From a room without a view
For you left me
With so few memories
I could close my eyes and cling to
Just a fading photograph
I'd sometimes sink to

All those smiles unexplored
All the words left unsaid
We strung our dreams
On and all to slender thread
For you left me
With so few memories
I could close my eyes and cling to
Just a half-remembered tune
I'd sometimes sing to

Now I found what we lost
Time was all it cost
Love's always there
Knowing someday I would share
In a life-long love affair with you

Love was always there
Knowing someday I would share
In a life-long love affair with you
In a life-long love affair with you


Hmmm. That's the whole song.

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  1. John permalink
    July 17, 2006 12:25 pm

    Hello there. Would you happen to know a website where I can download the entire song “Love Affair” for free? It’s one of my favorites, and some wacko never returned my CD with that song in it. Thanks for the info.


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