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The Best Weekend Ever

May 1, 2006

This weekend, I learned one very important thing and that is I gave up my youth all too quickly. As the Executive Secretary of the school’s Junior Marketing Association, I attended this academic years’ Planning for Leaders and Artists / Networing and Synergy at Angel’s Hills, Tagaytay beginning April 29 until May 1, 2006. Thus being the home organization of the night class students, or should I say the CDP folks, let us just say, if it were a seniority contest, we would have been given the first prize instantly.

All of my life, I just wanted to grow older. To finish my studies as fast as I could and get the hell away from you-know-where. I wasn’t really a very popular guy. Well, popular maybe in terms of achievements when I was still in grade school, and for being a witty or even just funny to a fault during my Pisay years. Unfortunately, the popularity ratings I have received never translated into being actually liked and love. Perhaps it’s just the sick curse of being a melancholy, but I honestly always felt being left out.

Fast forward to the future (and that means after my Ateneo life) and I find myself with a group of 200 or more youthful and not so youthul people in the cold yet cozy atmosphere of Tagaytay. At first, I felt so bad. I honestly didn’t want to join JMA the way sincere and active students wanted to join an org. I joined JMA so I could optimize my network for my job. And so, I never really dreamt of bonding or mingling with teens while I am at the stage of my life wherein I just feel so bad and bald at the same time.

But to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the event. It was given that I learned certain new things thanks to the actual seminar. But the more important things I have found out at that event was the value of friendship.

Being with JMA was like finding myself. The group was unique yet we all have a lot of things in common. We have failed, we had REAL problems not commonly found in TV shows, yet we all strived harder, and we believe that we will survive. It was quite amazing because I never realized that those common factors would quickly and strongly bind us all in a manner that was so undeniable that it would be hard to ignore the strong and competitive air JMA would pose for this coming school year.

And if you also really REALLY know me, it is quite hard to be in a group of 200 plus lively people and not even indulge in things – or mere thoughts – that I really prefer. If you know what I mean. At certain times, I could sense connections, but for someone who believes that I could never be happy, it is quite enough to note that even after all these years, I still haven’t lost my touch.

In the mocking words of my sister after I came home, she was so glad that I actually made friends. Here are the pictures of the 3-day event as evidence.

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