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April 27, 2006

The Beer Belly
Want to sneak in up to 80 oz of beer to, say, the movies, school, or your dorm? We all know it’s prohibited to bring liquor at these places and so much more? But why allow certain people to curtail your freedom? And so, why not buy this sneaky contraption and gulp away you alcoholic you! Drinking level: up. Sex appeal: down. At this time and age, who really gives a flying #$@# about the latter right? So go buy your own and be carefree. For more information, just click here.





Are you Betty or Veronica?
Talk about banking on nostalgia. Kamiseta has now launched it's newest image models following the steps of Natalie "Queen Amidala" Portman and Alicia "Who is she again?" Silverstone. What I like about the Betty or Veronica debate is that it is difficult to choose sides. They are both good and bad at something. Moreover, Betty is so good to a fault while Veronica is evil. Nice balance. Sounds like the ultimate yin and yang. I sure do hope they come up with Jughead’s “S” shirt though or Archie’s geeky plaid sweater. I’ll buy one. I swear!

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