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Better Rent It

April 27, 2006

Or you could even just go to Avenida and get yourself a *$%^$!? Rent (April 24, 2006, GB3, 8:45 PM) is a nice movie play. It has some nice songs like “I should tell you, I should tell you – I” and “Born in America at the end of the millennium” and the “Would you light my candle” song. My sister even launched her solo music career by singing the five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes thing during her graduation last Sunday from the Ateneo Law School.

Unfortunately, the movie just doesn’t cut it. Perhaps it is the sheer difficulty of showing concrete emotions while singing. After all, if you’re mouth needs to be almost open, all you could do to express sorrow is just to squint your eyes and forehead. Besides, who really sings when you can just say it in real life?

Nevertheless, the movie isn’t that bad as what the general public and critics have said. But just like Phantom of the Opera, watching musicals that are turned into movies is a whole different feeling. This is even more obvious if the songs are so famous that you can’t just help it but sing along. Or when you have that eureka moment in finding out that this particular song came from this particular play. At any rate, I would have wanted you guys to still watch the movie may it be in theaters or in DVD. As for the former, I believe they’re gonna pull it out of the cinemas today.

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  1. Nemcy permalink
    May 3, 2006 1:17 pm

    RENT for me is the best and well-remembered play for me. watched it sa Broadway and thank God for that experience. I even have the ORIGINAL soundtrack of the original cast. did you know that most of the actors you starred in the movie are the original casts of the play? Yup! you can check out the CD… if you want to borrow just let me know 😉

  2. May 4, 2006 2:31 am

    Hello, Nemcy!

    Sige pahiram… *blush*

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