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JMA in Laguna

April 23, 2006

My entire weekend was all about the Junior Marketing Association of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB-JMA). I stayed at Kuya Richard’s place beginning Friday night so I wouldn’t be late for the trip’s agreed meeting time at 7 AM at the school’s airport. When I say airport, I don’t actually mean airport. Benildeans may be rich but not loaded enough to fly in style daily. Hehehe. Anyway, there’s this sweet spot in school at the main campus were chairs are arranged in order similar to that of an airport. In fact, the seats look like they are patterned from an airport and people who are waiting at that area would be able to see the whole of Taft Avenue as the day goes by.

Anyway, like most Filipinos do, the original plan of leaving for Laguna by 8 PM got delayed until 10 in the morning. Nevertheless, we were all still in great mood. After all, no one from the Office of Student Affairs would be able to come with us and that only means freedom. We had the freedom to do all of our brainstorming without any constraints or fear of higher authority. Hehehe.

On the way to Laguna we passed by Pancake House at either the Shell or Petron Station at SLEX. It’s quite a great feeling to be a part of something like this. The food was free though JP and I ordered food like crazy. And honestly, this is my first time to actually take part in something like this. I haven’t been very active in orgs when I was still in the Ateneo. Now at Benilde, not only am I holding the very unenviable position of Executive Secretary, I also dream of actually making some changes within the org which makes the reality of sitting among my peers on the way to the JMA Teambuilding something that would always be retained in both my mind and heart.

After a long drive and unless chitchat, we were able to reach our destination, Tala Resort, at San Pablo Laguna. As expected, we performed everything we had to do with the guidance of Mr. Popoy Liggayu. Hehehe. After which, we basically just had fun, swimming, eating, and bonding with everyone. The place wasn’t so bad either. I could see a lot of stars that night which really showed a big opportunity loss of chasing the dream of urban living. The room was great too. Big enough to accommodate 7 guys in one room and a very serious airconditioning unit.

Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier than the rest of the group the next day. It’s my sister’s graduation by 3 in the afternoon, and as the sole representative of her actual nuclear family within the Metro, I basically had to be there on time.


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