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The Hills Have Eyes and Style

April 21, 2006

This movie is a bit surprising. As usual, I exuded my Buddhist lifestyle upon entering the movie house. I came without expectations at all. I just wanted to amuse myself before I begin yet another grueling working day begins. Unexpectedly enough, though this movie was from the same mind who created craps like Scream 1, Scream 2, and yet another Scream 3, The Hills Have Eyes (April 20, 2006; 8:20 PM; GB3 C3) packs the right combination of suspense and action which leaves a lot of viewers at the edge of their seats and, at certain times, completely hopeless. I recommend this movie to people who would like to have some cheap thrills and ridiculous displays of blood and gore. Though I have to remind you that we all don’t think alike and so even though I am proclaiming that this movie is worth the admission price, don’t be sold out just yet. But if you have nothing to loose and enough time to burn, spending an hour or so inside the movie house watching this film will absolutely be worth your while.



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