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Free & Priceless Ideas

April 18, 2006

Reading Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin took me a longer time than expected. It took me a long 2 weeks to finish it, which was disturbing really, because it was supposedly my vacation and I had 4 days with no work and no school. Nevertheless, I was never able to just basically sit down and enjoy an hour or so of reading. That's the problem with me. I can't seem to utilize free time wisely. But if I have a lot of things to do such as when I have work and school daily, I can always find an extra hour in my day that I could utilize to do other stuff such as reading like the way I do while I ride the MRT and LRT.

Anyway, I really like what Seth Godin has to offer through this book. It had a lot of information and a lot of examples similar to Al Ries' manner which I find to be very essential in a marketing book. Yeah, marketing is almost an artform and there's no use to judge or act solely based on numbers. But then again it would be a tad bit too stupid to judge or act solely on everything else but numbers as well.

If you are in the marketing business, especially if you are fortunate to be present while developing a new product such as in my case, it is nice to get a rush of ideas from someone as experienced and insightful as Seth Godin. It makes you think over the basic and old-style knowledge white-haired professors have been preaching in all their outdated management courses. Before there were just 4 P's mainly Price, Product, Promotions, and Place. Now, after reading this particular book, Prize may as well become the fifth. Or sixth, because there is also the other P, which is Positioning. I am so tempted to discuss what it's all about right here, but I fear Mr. Godin may loose millions out of book sales. The second reason is I may not have completely understood it and risk being ridiculed on-line. Hehehe.

Ultimately, I recommend this book even greater than Purple Cow. The amount of knowledge you can get from Mr. Godin's wild style of writing is incomparable to all the babbles your so-called marketing guru of a teacher has been so smug about. Sure actual work experience is better. But if you don't have the opportunity, or even just the time, reading Free Prize Inside is a great smart leap from being such an arse with an ideas to becoming a real champion of doing remarkable projects with remarkable results. As what Mr. Godin says – do something!

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