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The Holy Week Proper

April 16, 2006

No offense to people who’d rather be at the sun- and sand-filled areas of the world during these days but I do believe Holy Week is far better spent at home. There are 2 main reasons that could explain why I think this way:

1. I have been exposed to a lot of beaches all my life that the reason I am afraid to go to Boracay (aside from the fact that I have to ride a terribly small aeroplane if I decide to go) is because the place might disappoint me.

2. I do not think I am religious but ever since as a kid, Holy Week has been nothing but silence and contemplation. Honestly, I feel so bad even by listening to music and watching DVDs (just kidding). In between doing my work at home, reading books, listening to Jars of Clay, playing with my cats, eating, sleeping, and saving what’s left of my greenery, I do solemnly ponder on the real meaning of the Holy Week (not kidding).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think masses are celebrated at Boracay (I’m not even hoping a bit for Puerto Gallera.) Anyway, I’m all for freedom of expression – or of religion, but if you just take a close look at it, of all the 365 days or so in a year, most Catholics are only sent a memo to be Catholics again during Christmas and Holy Week. I don’t even think All Souls Day should count. I see it more as a gambling night for most people I know. Hehehe.

Anyway, Christmas is fun and love and gifts. Same thing with Holy Week but before Easter comes; we should have sacrifices even just a bit. It’s a good thing most local TV and radio stations decide to go off-air during these days. Otherwise, living in Makati, I would not sense any change at all.

I am not saying I am holy and I am not self-righteous. People who know me, like those who really, really know me, could attest to the fact that I am not a good person. But at least inside this tough guy I-will-survive slash dog-eat-dog façade is a person who feels guilty for being so bloody materialistic, hedonistic, and vain at the time most people should.. People who would hate me for what I have posted here would have an argument in the realms of “what’s the use of repenting if you’re going to sin again?” Well, to sin is human, to forgive divine. It’s a vicious cycle really. In the world of blind men, the cross-eyed is king.

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