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Wednesday: The Day before Holy Week

April 12, 2006

Maybe because it is the last stretch before the so-called 4-day vacation or the fact that the roads are packed and I’m slowly loosing all my funds why I felt uber tired upon reaching my place after work. Basically, it was just an ordinary work day. There’s the small Basecamp misunderstanding with the usual suspects. I fear there’s something wrong with my English. No matter what I do people would readily assume I’m shouting even without utilizing ALL CAPS. Am I that aggressive in writer form? If that’s the case I might as well right a political manifesto or something. If the pen is indeed mightier than the sword well I guess I am a living testament that in just a few keystrokes anyone could intentionally (or unintentionally such as in my case) start a war.

In addition, I also encashed my paycheck which I got yesterday and deposited more than ¾ of it right away in my bank account out of fear that even though all stores would be closed during the Holy Week and though I am not going out of town I do have the innate talent to outspend myself anytime, anywhere.
Anyway, I was so happy and excited because Myles, Nemcy, and Ryu came up with a very neat design for my product. I went to Cibo at Gateway Mall with Sir Dennis and Ma’am Emily for our after-lunch power meeting of some sort. That’s where our beloved design team unveiled the latest installment of you-know-who’s idea baby. I was so thrilled. It was like so surreal that ideas flashed in my mind in a jiffy. I knew exactly what to do and I literally had to shut myself up (by continually eating) before I blab myself to death with my usual spark-of-the-moment ideas. After all, things would be better – and clearer – if I presented everything properly and in order, perhaps, after the Holy Week.

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