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Tuesday Night Flicks

April 10, 2006

Late at night, trying to get some sleep. I'm totally stressed and tensed over my impending knowledge if ever I'd finally loose my virginity – that is getting an "F" in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. If you've been following my previous posts you would have an idea how terrified I am (finally) of a course I'm taking up at CSB and that is Financial Management (Finamgt) by Sir Bob. For your information, this isn't just basic finance. It's tough and nerve-whacking financial investment thingy complete with spreadsheet (MS Excel) techniques.

For your further information by the way, our professors at Benilde will not give you an offensive or humiliating "F" on your course cards but rather the less blatant "R" which means "repeat". Go figure.

Anyway, I decided to watch two blah films which merits only a one-liner review. Or rant. Whatever. Here goes:

Title: Before Sunrise

Bottomline: I should have watched it after it ended.

Title: The Aristocrats

Bottomline: Controversial my arse. Garbage.

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