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Deadly and Stupid

April 7, 2006

What’s my favorite scary movie? Ringu. What’s my favorite stupid pseudo-scary movie? Venom is currently top-of-mind. As usual, I’m a sucker for the formulaic plot. Unless the film's genre is in the field of espionage, I don’t take offense if a movie, say a killer (not a killer-of-a-movie) movie is so predictable.

However, I must say I enjoyed watching Venom. This is because though I only watched it at the comforts of my own home, it still has an effect on me in both video and audio aspects. Not that I have a Dolby system installed or a 50-foot TV, but it doesn’t take much technology to detect lack of common sense on screen.

I got affected by the brainless actions most of the cast did. Makes you say “stupid” far too often than scream – like I would. Moreover, Venom is the only killer movie, I may be wrong though, that employs the technique that the killer can’t get in so he pulls them outside of the house in any way possible. It really got me how improbable the killer’s actions were (but then again so is the plot so let’s just suspend reality as a whole then).

So all in all, Venom is something worth a bag of popcorn. Watch it, don’t expect much, and you’ll get your own piece of cheap thrill.

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  1. April 7, 2006 6:54 am

    the interview was for our sound editting class…we asked them about piracy…puro mura ata sinagot kng hindi ako nagkakamali ..

    paborito ko rin ringu…hindi naman ako masyado natakut nung pinanood ko…pero may effect pla un after watching…takot ako sa salamin mga 1 week nyaha.. hmmmm makabili nga ng pirated na dvd ng venom..

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