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Someone Got Published

April 4, 2006

Someone got published today, April 4, 2006, at the Youngblood section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. And no – it’s not me. How I wish. I only submitted one article to PDI for the same reason when I was still a student way back when I was still in Philippine Science High School – Mindanao Campus. Those words never saw the light of day.

It’s my sister’s boyfriend, XXX (or simply XXX). I assume he doesn’t mind me posting his work on-line as well as not masking his name. After all, if you want to be published, fame is inevitable. Or is this another case of the infamous J.D. Salinger syndrome?

At any rate, congratulations Mr. XXX. Your parents, my sister, your frat, the Ateneo Law School, your employer, me, and even our lovable pets Julien and Sophie, are so proud of you!

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  1. April 4, 2006 3:34 pm

    thanks for the comment..

    am i graduating?..i hope..if i continue going at this rate..being lazy and all…i’ll probably end up staying here for another 2 years…but ill try to cut it in 1 year…well sguro 4 terms para mas realistic..

    hey if you have any connections with people looking for mma trainees..inform mo ko ah…bakasakali lang…mukha ka namang maraming connections eh..haha

    grabe dami mong magpost..nakakatamad basahin..heh

  2. April 5, 2006 5:14 am

    jett: grabe dami mong magpost..nakakatamad basahin..heh

    me: just imagine me talking….


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