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April 2, 2006

Sunday was so funny. I got up and went directly to Avenida to pamper myself. I’m not talking about a spa or a massage. What I meant was shopping. Yes, yes. I do shop but I only shop at Avenida. It is not because I am a cheapskate but merely because I feel like I saved a lot of money by shopping there. After all, I only shop for little whatnots and not actually clothes or shoes or something that should have a brand – haha!

I went to Avenida to do something illegal not right. It’s not drugs, my friend. Read on.

Anyway, after my spree at Avenida, I went to Shopwise Pasong Tamo to buy my weekly stock. I was thrilled to see a mommy-type deciding whether or not to buy Beach Hut with the carabineer (that’s keychain for you) or the more expensive Nivea sunblock in a box. I don’t know what she finally took. After all, I have my own business to attend to.

After my weekly grocery, I watched Kids in America and Hustle & Flow via DVD complete with a nice sound system and projector. At first glance, I may look loaded with this set-up. But actually, the reason I’m staying indoors is because I have no other movies to watch at the cinemas, and I don’t have enough money left on me anymore.

Eating siomai and siopao, the first movie I watched is Kids in America. It’s not a typical teen flick. It’s a movie filled with young guys and girls proving their worth by standing up against the adults in a very liberated manner (a protest really). Oh, it is a typical teen flick. Anyway, it was funny. A teen flick, by any other name, is a teen flick. Sappy – but I enjoyed it.

Then there’s Hustle & Flow that is quite reminiscent of Eminem’s once-in-a-lifetime movie. Yes the pimpin’ song is nice; nevertheless, does it really deserve an Oscar? I could understand the surprise brought about by Crash. But Hustle & Flow? Oh no, no support from me.

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