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April 1, 2006

Saturday was both a happy and frustrating time for me. The latter being I was unable to go to my Finamgt make-up class. Thus, I was unable to submit all the requirements Mr. Baylon demanded asked from the surviving members of one of his quickly diminishing class.

However, things were quite great for our defense regarding the Samsung-Superman proposal for our Advertising Management course. Of course, as expected, Ms. Angeline Limbaco had some “violent reactions” against all of our ideas. Hehehe. It is the same thing with the other lady who was present during our defense. I forgot her name (as usual) but we were told that she was once Samsung’s brand manager for mobile phones and is now a Maersk management trainee and, quoting Ms. Limbaco, “soon to be an expat” somewhere we don’t know.

However, try as she might to make fun of our presentation with quips likes “What’s your big idea?” or “Reality and fantasy?” or “What’s a kryptonite?” She also has some pseudo-insults against me (or pseudo-compliments) but I’d rather not dwell into that right now. But knowing the way Ms. Limbaco thinks, I guess she finds it hard to actually say that she likes someone else’s idea and thus, to diminish the impact of such a compliment, she naturally has to take some back by adding a little bit of pain.

At any rate, Ms. Limbaco, if you’re reading this, you really made my day. Even if you don’t mean it. After all it may appear as a joke, but jokes, are actually half meant.

Nevertheless, I was very happy with the response. Yes our presentation’s structure was faulty however they both said the idea was great. It had a lot of new ideas they have never heard before. I don’t know where to put it but remarks like “You made it all by yourself, didn’t you?” really stroked my ego.

Anyway, during our presentation, I was so happy to prove a point. I need not dwell really into the specifics but let’s put it this way. I see a hands-on marketing job as something different as an advertising job. In marketing, such as what I am doing right now, you have to be an Al Ries or Seth Godin to make things work with a limited budget. But in a make-believe situation such as our defense where a multibillion company like Samsung wants to hear a very nice advertising campaign, it pays to know what your clients want in life.

In a client-presenter kind of transaction, you have to suck up a little. It’s not that you are throwing away everything you stand for and become someone’s ultimate kiss-ass. But in this world we’re living in, your boss – or in this case, my professor – may not always have the kind of thinking which you consider as smart, but at any rate, she’s above you and there’s nothing you can do about that – for now. If you want to be a deviant, by all means do so but that would only best work for you if you see yourself living the rest of your life as a political activist.

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