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Silence Please

March 31, 2006

Friday is hell. First, the results of the Bar Exam got out late last night. Since my sister is a graduating student from the Ateneo Law, things became uncertain for her and the rest of the graduating batch because of the results. Let’s just say, the people who have the final word utilizes proper strategies and appropriations, like others, to maintain a high level of passing rate annually. It’s a cause and effect situation.

Then, there’s work. I did a lot of things earlier which I thought would have made a big impact during the presentation later today. Unfortunately, things didn’t fully work out the way I planned. Perhaps things would be better and clearer the moment Sir Dennis comes back from USA. A good thing was that the first design presentation of Myles & Co. turned out to be okay. I think we’re gonna shine though I could already foresee a lot of revisions.

Then there’s school. I arrived at my Poligov class 45 minutes late. As usual, the professor was bordering between the just-okay and the mad-as-hell zone. Fortunately, I got to present my report with the rest of the group. It wasn’t much for he was forcing me to speed things up a bit. After all, it was the last meeting for the term. We needed to finish a lot of things. So after all the handwork and effort of coming up with a nice presentation, my report ended in around 5 minutes max. Optimism activated, perhaps he was confident I’ve prepared for my turn and hence, needed minimal grilling only.

Finally, my sister left earlier today for Davao to check on my mother’s health condition over the Holy Week. In another dimension, this would have meant freedom. Right now, with my case, I just felt so bad, so sad, and alone. My father isn’t so healthy himself and if you’ve had the chance to read my earlier posts, you would have been aware that my cousin-in-law (the husband of my closest cousin who, in a way, stepped into my mother’s shoes the moment she had a stroke) had a stroke as well.

I never imagined a few days of going solo and owning the pad all for myself could be as forlorn as this. It makes me teary-eyed to think of our situation these times. However, as usual, we’ve gone a long way. It would be so stupid to give up just now. It doesn’t help that Pinky won’t be able to hang out with during the weekend. Turns out she prefers large sea creatures over cute land-roving skinheads. After all, if a stupid mime can’t cheer up this boy, who else could? Oh, brother. Cootie alert!

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  1. April 12, 2006 7:44 pm

    i never thought you’re in such peredicament right now. i’m very sorry to learn about that. but from what i know, you’re strong. you’ve been able to support yourself.

    you’re too brave to give up. 🙂

  2. April 14, 2006 4:05 pm

    that’s why my blog title is….

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