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Acting in Focus

March 31, 2006

Ages ago, my sister and I (we watched the movie together at GB3, 1130 pm March 30, 2006, in order to cheer her up) would have said something so negative after watching “Just Friends”. Say, it insulted our mental abilities though we hardly could keep ourselves from laughing. Now, things have changed, and I am so proud of myself. I could remember Al Ries quoting some actress in his book, Focus, saying “actors may have talent, but movie stars have everything.” Or something like that.

If Al and Laura Ries would give an award to any actor, actress, or film, a movie such as Just Friend would be a frontrunner. This is because the movie has a focus. Even the actors have a focus.

Take Ryan Reynolds. For me, this guy is a comic slash teeny bopper movie fellow with sharp and witty remarks and an air of confidence which one would mistake for a metrosexual. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have watched a lot of his movies, you would realize that his acting never changes. Day in and day out, Ryan Reynolds is packaged as Ryan Reynolds. He may be a Van Wilder at one point or Blade’s sidekick in another, but if you rip off all the costumes and swap his supposed characters between his movies, you’ll hardly notice any difference.

Then there’s Anna Faris. This bimbo is so good in portraying her stereotyped self that she lives her character in every movie she’s in. In fact, she doesn’t even have to act. She just bats her eyelashes and anyone with a brain could see that she is supposedly a dumb blonde, regardless if she is really a dumb blonde.

Finally, the movie, as a whole, is so predictable that it has a focus. After all, upon buying your ticket you would have a premonition that though this is a funny slash mushy movie, it would be the end of the world if Ryan Reynold’s character won’t end up happily ever after with Amy Smart’s character.

Movies like this makes casting yet another movie of the same genre so easy. If you don’t like Ryan Reynolds or Anna Faris in the next installment, then there will always be Jason Biggs and Selma Blair. But sooner or later, the cycle would have to be completed as all roads leads to Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris once again. Focus gives people jobs. We should all remember that.


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