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Toxic Tuesdays

March 28, 2006

No, this has nothing to do with Women Wednesdays and Feel Good Fridays. There’s nothing happy or uplifting about this day. Actually, there are, but I have a habit of exaggerating things a bit so I’ll say none at all. Zilch. None. Zero. I’m the saddest boy in the world.

Anyway, I did a lot of things to make up for the lack of primary agenda. And so, I followed up certain quotations for printing and promotional ideas. And by lunchtime, I commuted once again to Malolos to get the 4th trial of my product. As it turns out, we’ve achieved a major improvement. I am so happy and so excited. I can hardly keep myself from smiling. The trip to and fro the plant was exhausting, but nothing brightens a bad day more than knowing you’ve done your best and accomplished something great noteworthy.

At any rate, my irritability had a sequel the moment I arrived at school. You see, I was already absent for my Incomet class because I was only able to get back to the office from Bulacan at around quarter to 7. Give and take an hour of travel via MRT/LRT, I was able to reach AKIC around 7:50. Unfortunately, my ID was still defective. For some reason, the data in my ID is no longer recognized by the computer system (I have it in my wallet which I always have in my back pants pocket.)

If you’re a Benildean, or a Lasallian for that matter, you know how irritating such situation could be. Anyway, I just wanted to go up and be on time for my Adveman class since I do not want Ms. Limbaco to rant on me for being late. But then again, exercising his right and jurisdiction, the guard at the gates gave me a very untimely sermon. Our conversation went something like this, but of course, in Filipino:

“How come you still haven’t replaced your ID? You’ve been told to do so since last Friday!”

“Why are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad. So why haven’t you?”

“The Registrar’s office was closed by the time I got here last Friday. They had a retreat or something. Same thing last Saturday. And yesterday.”

“Oh. Nevertheless, your ID is defective.”

“I wanted to replace it but there’s no one to talk to for now.”

“Well, the Registrar is back today. Why weren’t you here earlier?”

“I have work.”

“Oh. Then why not excuse yourself to come here for a while. Why not during lunch break?”

“I work at Tomas Morato. The Registrar’s Office is closed during lunch break.”

“Oh. Just replace your ID. This is an OSB (Office of Student Behavior) matter. You may pass.”

Hehehe. They think they can defeat me? Anyway, it turns out Ms. Limbaco was in a very good mood. She didn’t bitch out even just once. Scary. Is the world coming to an end? Anyway, as what one of my classmates said, “I never expected she’d be OK when she’s in a good mood.”

Good mood. Keep it coming.

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