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Monday Work

March 27, 2006

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time now then you would have noticed 2 things about my blogging lifestyle. 1.) I post multiple entries at the same time; and, 2.) I have been absent for quite some time. The reason for both is simple. I’ve been and always be busy. So what usually happens is whenever I have free time, like weekends for example. I just take a look at my actual 2006 organizer and then continue typing away.

Recently, however, I have been really busy. As you can see, I don’t consider my work to be an 8-5 or 9-6 thing (after all, I do have to go to school by 6 pm – Hehehe). But what I mean is I think and ponder and reflect about my project 24/7. In fact, I usually take time having my usual rounds along Ayala Avenue, one of Metro Manila’s finest call center hubs, to reminisce and to think. This nostalgic thinking and immersion of my previous life is a sort of relief and assurance that at some point, I’ll have my own eureka experience and all the creative and effective juices will keep on flowing in.

Honestly, I think I already did.

Anyway, that’s the reason why I have the stressed out slash just-woke-up look. I may have become fatter because of all the multivitamins I take daily, but my eyes still betray me. I don’t consider myself to be fully rested at all. So yesterday, Monday, aside from doing the usual stuff of checking inboxes, the Basecamp, faxes, follow-ups, and my favorite tea session with myself, I went to Lloyd Lab at Bulacan to give Sir Alex the new RM components for my project.

As usual, I preferred to take the FX to Malolos rather than waiting for Kuya Manny to chauffeur (as if) me to the place. After all, being a one-man team for now, I will be saving a lot of money by doing so. I won’t be paying for gas or for the toll. And I wouldn’t even have to treat Kuya Manny for lunch or something. With commuting, I’m free to be fast and quick. But then again, there’s a tradeoff. Nowadays, I don’t take the tricycle that goes inside the industrial park because I think it is a major rip-off. For P 15, the distance the tricycle drivers would cover is very short. I value money even in petty instances such as this. Aside from that, I believe walking to Lloyd Bulacan is cooler than stepping out uncomfortably afterwards.

After which, the next thing I did for work was to meet Sining for the promotions tie-up I was planning the project to partake. This is really ingenious, cunning, and scheming. I firmly believe this is a win-win situation for my project which would cost a mere half the price based on the original plans. I just wish that Sir Dennis would approve of such scenario.

At school I reported for Buslaw1 with my groupmate Dexter Chiong. We were assigned Chapters 6 and 7 which is about rescissible and voidable contracts, respectively. As you can see it was a very long Monday. My feet hurts like hell and I feel so sticky and all having to wear formal attire all day long. It doesn’t help that later at night I found out that a scheduled meeting for tomorrow won’t take place. I’m such an arse when it comes to deadlines. Perhaps this is a manifestation of not being able to graduate on time. Hehehe. Anyway, I may be an arse when it comes to this, but I know I’m an arse who knows his limits.

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