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Sabado Life

March 26, 2006

I woke up early Saturday morning (it was around 9 am, relatively 9 am is early for a Saturday morning with no class and no work at all) with a nagging feeling. No, it’s not my cat, Sophie, who for some reason is trying to claw hell out of my back. It’s not even the fly either that keeps on using my nose as a landing ground.

And finally, I realized I was supposed to meet Ms. Anna Leah of Chemwealth to get some RM. What’s a boy got to do? I still had my boxers on, and the heat – oh the heat – was restrictive. And so, I just called Des up at the office and told her to receive the package instead because I, xxxxxxxxxx del Rosario, is currently in a meeting just in time I had confirmed that she was already on her way to the office. Coincidences and the emergency meeting tactics are simple yet effective management strategies you can only get to learn from reading Dilbert.

Anyway, by lunchtime, I was on the way to Recto because I had to ask for a quote for something I am going to use for promotional purposes of my product. Hahaha. What is in Recto, you might ask? For sure, I am not giving away free dibidis or ukay2x. Hahaha.

After my short stint at Recto, I went directly to Benilde for my supposed make-up class with the Mr. Dioscoro Baylon for our Finamgt class. Ladies and gentlemen, what happened afterwards is a true testament of the old saying that “nothing is impossible”. In a very freaky and so-unbelievable scenario, his secretary informed us with a heavy heart that Mr. Baylon – gasp – cannot make it to class. It made me wonder, if someone as OC and as workaholic as Mr. Baylon is susceptible to delays, reschedules, and failures, does it mean everyone else then has a license to do the same?

Only time will tell….

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