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Jologs Me Too

March 26, 2006

For some reason, I firmly believe “Jologs”, the new show from GMA starring Rainier Castillo, Pekto, and Ethel Booba, is my kind of show. Not that I think I’m jologs (this is still debatable) but it is because I find the humor so low yet real. I find amusement at the concept that everytime I ride the MRT at GMA Kamuning, seeing d’jologs move billboard really makes my day.

The casting is just so tailor-fitted and the idea relatively new. Too bad I missed the show again last Sunday. How was I supposed it was airing by 7 pm? The sked wasn’t placed properly on-line and wasn’t plastered on the billboards. Anyway, I hope I do get to see this one even just once. I’m not a TV type of person. But whenever I feel like watching a particular show, like Bubble Gang and Bitoy, I give all my best just to watch it. More power GMA!

Jeez. It’s certified.

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