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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Superhero?

March 26, 2006

The entire Sunday was devoted only for my academic life. Morning was supposedly Superman time and by afternoon, things would begin shifting towards Buslaw1. Buslaw1 was easy. Thanks to the legal hotshots at Chan Robles, all I have to do is just to cut and paste. Well honestly, I also entered some text from my sister’s Civil Code book (She studies at the Ateneo Rockwell and is currently graduating this semester). You see, I had to report about rescissible contracts, which is a bit about all the obligations and contracts mumbo jumbo that, fortunately, I could easily understand but definitely something I find difficult to pronounce in successions. Rescissible, rescissible, rescissible.

For Superman, it’s completely different. This one is for my Advertising Management class and would serve as our final exam for the term. If ever you are still unaware of it, my professor for this class is Ms. Angeline Limbaco of Samsung glory. Hehehe. Anyway, the morning started a bit ugly because by 10 am, our scheduled meeting time, no one from my group – Ryan, Charles, or Marco – was “still-on-the-way" or even better, "near." They were supposed to meet me at KFC People Support by ten before going to my place. So if ever if they were unable to do so, knowing this is a very important project which we were about to partake, they should at least be already "in transit." The first one to come was Ryan, around 11 in the morning.

Then came Charles right after I finished eating my lunch: 2 piece KFC chicken with large Pepsi and extra rice. Just to make it clear once and for all, Marco never came. My hunch is that he never even planned to come. Bastard. Hehehe. Not even the I’m-sorry-I-just-woke-up bit with the matching I’ll-be-there-in-a-jiffy P.S. can prevent me from smelling the awful truth miles away that he basically left the job to us while he slept all day. Jeez. FYI, cynicism is one of my middle names.

Anyway, our plan was pretty simple for this supposed Samsung-Superman project. If you don’t know – and I bet you don’t because this is so top-secret material – Samsung is partnering with Superman for one of their product launches this year. A typical movie tie-in thing in tandem with this particular superhero’s comeback. But no, our works won't be of real use to them. They, after all, have existing talks with premiere ad agencies within Metro Manila. What kind of idea would mere students provide that would do them any good? What strategies could we conjure that they, the professionals, have not already thought of? Hmmm…. How about this?

The story goes that we will intertwine reality with fantasy. That is, Samsung imbedded in the plot of the Superman franchise. It will be one big reality game show event. Terrorists, headed by Lex Luthor, kidnaps the Samsung CEO – whoever he is but undoubtedly Korean nonetheless – and take over Samsung! After all, Samsung is steadily rising nowadays. And though Samsung’s strategy of convergence is faulty as what Mr. Al Ries, marketing guru extraordinaire, keeps on pointing out (which I firmly believe by the way) this company is still a formidable force in the corporate arena.

And so, with Samsung under control, you-know-who is coming back to town. But this time, he needs a mortal help. Why? It’s illogical actually, but hey we’re still raising the scenario that any corporate yuppie who can buy the new Samsung D820 can become a pseudo superhero slash sidekick for this guy who wears his red briefs controversially.

There will be races, endurance tests, and mind bogglers. And at the end of it all will be the actual movie premiere of Superman Returns, wherein, upon saving the Korean CEO guy from the bondage brought about by Lex Luthor and his henchmen, the movie will begin. And yes, the finale slash climax will be inside the theater with real live people cheering the winning team as they save the day. In other words, untie the f&*^& guy for crying out loud and let’s all watch the darned movie.

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