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Friday with Pinky

March 25, 2006

Friday sucked big time and it has nothing to do with Pinky (Hello, Princess!). After work, I mean school; I went to GB3 to meet Pinky. We
first planned to meet on a Saturday but because she earlier told me that she preferred
needed to be someplace else at that time, I gladly yielded to her request.

I was quite irritated because I was supposed to present my
report for Poligov at school. Our group reserved the multimedia projector and
all just to make things sufficient enough for our high-standard professor, Mr. Dionisio
Pangilinan. But as all things go, we weren’t able to report. It turns out that
the previous group were unable to finish their report last week. And so, they took the
entire 3 f%$% hours, using all the equipment which our group earlier reserved.
In fact, if it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t have anything to use at all. Those
lucky bastards! Now, we have to reserve the same stuff all over again. I just
hope the equipment would be free by next Friday. Otherwise, just f^&* it
group 6.

And so, coming from a very shitty experience at school, I was
generally irate when I arrived at GB3. Nothing amplifies irritation greater than
seeing the Greenbelt fashionable crowd all giddy and loaded, by the way. Oh that’s me. A third-generation grouch. On the other hand, if I’m happy and cheerful with a
the-world-is-mine-for-the-taking elation, rest assured I’ll be putting on my
best sneakers and groove into the latest House slash Trance beat.

Anyway, Pinky came just mere minutes after I did. Finally, I
told myself, I can unwind and watch a movie with someone. No more loser solo
nights for me. Well, at least on weekends. Hehehe. But then again, I was wrong.
The movie Ultraviolet is not just a disappointment but a complete failure to
begin with. You can just say it is a disappointment if you expected it to be
astounding. If you act like a Buddhist and come without expectations, then if
something turns out bad, it is just one big failure. And that, my friends, is
what Ultraviolet is all about.

Quoting Mondo, a friend and art/creative director, who, I believe, watched Ultraviolet earlier than us, “the movie sucked”. In fact, it was so bad that when the lights went on, everybody had the look of a second-runner up in a marathon: a loser. I was half-asleep the entire second half of the movie and so though I also had the loser-look in me, it was 99% because I had just waken up.

I cannot find any bit of the movie that could be classified
as interesting. The plot was wafer-thin. Mila Jovovich, one of the world’s sexiest actress, was lame. Even the Godsend kid was lame. The graphics, my God, was a visual insult. And let us not even mention the dialogue. Or the action

Yes, yes. The movie was ultraviolent. It creates a catastrophic event – an embarrassment for people who would be seen leaving the cinemas from which one of this year’s Razzie consider has been played. I know I was seen leaving the place in a hurry. And so, like any decent person with a reputation to uphold, I’m ranting it out right now so that the public may know.

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