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Lazy Tuesday

March 21, 2006

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. I realized that I did not bring with me the defective CD from DTI which really placed my day in a bad start. Thus, I couldn’t just drop by DTI from home on the way to work. Period. At work, the entire office was a mess. Chaos reigned supreme! Hohoho! Too bad, I don’t have any excuse to be frantically out of my mind or something. So far, so good. My project is still within the timeline. And honestly, I am only afraid by the fact that I don’t seem to see any bad, pessimistic things that could happen (unless of course another rebellion or calamity comes along as suggested in my V for Victorious review). And so, I merely did the usual office stuff.

I asked for quotations regarding printing for a very neat alliance I once again formed to support my project. Second, ask for more RM from one of my trusty contacts, Ms. Anna Leah from Chemico. For some reason, certain particular companies providing the same product has been bugging me today. Like duh! Where were you last week when I desperately need you guys? Hehehe. But I still entertained them. After all, quality may be god, but price is still king.

After that, during lunchtime, I had my toenails cleaned. Hehehe. After all the walking and walking and walking, I decided to pamper my feet somewhere at Sikatuna Village. Why at Sikatuna Village when there are a lot of similar services offered nearby the office? Well it is because of the simple analogy that at Sikatuna Village, everything is dirt-cheap. Hehehe.

After lunch, I was able to receive the quotations and other info I have requested earlier today and yesterday. After which, I focused on my projects Network Analysis, which really boosted my ego. This is because for some reason, my colleagues seem to be unfamiliar with the concept, and for once in my life, I am finally thankful for Ms. Bandojo’s participation in my cumulative growth and development as a person.

A lot of models dropped by at work today for the Boracay stint. I would have wanted to help them all out, but unfortunately, it wasn’t my turf. And so I guess, I have to do well with my own thing if I wanted to do what the others are doing right now.

Anyway over the few minutes after our official off, we just wanted to have some fun with the digicam:

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